AmeriCorps This Week #3

The Working Mentality
I start off by saying it’s has been a very strong week, with trying new ideas to get peoples’ attention in the area of educating them about the benefits of choosing NC Works instead of chasing behind Headhunter organizations like Monster Jobs and Snap Jobs etc; plus, learning more from the Work Investment ACT (WIA) side of the picture; finding out that there are connected employers offering paid on job training (OJT), and more information will be available to AmeriCorps soon about ResCare Academy experience. I was included in a meeting with the WIA Representative here at the East Regional Center (ERC), her Director and the Center Director, Blevins, yesterday. It was kind of a “Find out what kind of incentives can be offered to get clients attention about the job market” and “what is the reason for the decline in working mentality?” type of meeting. Many questions were raised and possibly may effect how we market the services at the Regional Centers.


The Cary CRC

The Cary Career Resource Center (CRC) marches to the beat of its own drum. There is
no rhyme or reason to how many people will show up on any given day or how many people actually need help while job searching. On some days it’s so quiet that I would be able to hear a pin drop (on carpet); on other days, there are four people asking me questions, simultaneously! But capricious or not, the Cary CRC provides a much needed resource for our clients. When I do work with someone I’m often able to spend an hour or two really trying to help them in any way possible. This past week I worked with someone who wanted to explore career change options. I helped her find paralegal programs in the area and helped sign her up for a WIA appointment to assist her with funding the program. Although it’s not a job, per se, I feel like I put her on the right path to finding a stable, fulfilling career and that makes me feel good at the end of the day.



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