AmeriCorps This Week #5

“Wow, I didn’t think a mailbox could shatter like that.”
This week in Johnston County, or JoCo as the locals call it, I have had some exciting developments…drum roll please….I am now teaching drivers education for the clients of Johnston County Industries!!  Rest assured that no mail boxes will be endangered in this process!!  JoCo has some very unique barriers to employment, and a lack of transportation is one of the top barriers.  Because of this, Johnston County Industries asked me if I would be willing to help their clients overcome this barrier and help make their clients more marketable to potential employers.


Gratitude: The Ego Fuel
So this past week was a bit hectic. With all of the interesting people coming into the center, I felt like there was not really enough of me to go around. There was apparently, and my clients took full advantage of that. Though I do encourage people to ask me for assistance, when I have three, four or five people calling on me at once, it can be a little much. I want to say it is all justified, but when people call on me for help about what to do next when the screen they are on is clearly telling them step by step what to do, I just do not see why they will not read and follow the instructions. I am an advocate for reading with comprehension. It is mentally stressful when you have a group of people who will not do a thing until you tell them exactly what to do. I often wonder how some people function in life.

At times, it appears my clients are thankless. That can be a bit discouraging, but at today’s team huddle it was mentioned that someone took time to tell our receptionist, Ms. B, that they are extremely thankful for this place and everything we do here. Knowing that I do contribute to making the lives of others a little better/easier makes a huge difference for my mental disposition. I know what we do matters, but over time we can lose sight of that. It is nice to hear from the people we help that we are actually helping them. It is kind of like refueling at a service station when you have been riding on ‘Empty’ for a while.



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