AmeriCorps This Week #7

How to Address a Letter in the Internet Age

I have been thinking lately about how to respectfully address an email. Not just how they taught us in school, because those rules were assuming I had been in to see the employer, shook their hand and briefly gotten to know them. Now days, I may be attempting to fit all those experiences into and email, so there is certain, basic information that I may not know. For example, you have just filled out an application and now you want to send an email to the hiring manager just to introduce yourself. Assuming that person’s email address is easy to find, you start to write.

Dear _____ Soandso,

We have just hit our first speed bump. We know the person’s name, but we do not know anything about them. Maybe you have deciphered that it sounds like a female name, but are they married? Do they prefer Ms. or Mrs.? Perhaps the person just has a stereotypical feminine name. Speaking from experience, I am a male and my first name is Loren. I have literally had a doctor refer to me as a female while in the same room as me. Maybe that explains my preference for facial hair.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I personally have not run into this instance, but what if the person you are writing to is in the process of identifying with another gender. Sure, “To Whom it May Concern” might solve a lot these problems, but the purpose of writing this introductory email is to make a personal connection. Usually, what I do when I reach one of these conundrums is simply use the person’s first name and then a comma. On the upside, it is personal, but on the downside it is casual and might offend someone who prefers a more formal letter. For now, that is the best solution I have found. Suggestions are surely welcomed.

The internet has provided us with some of the most fascinating solutions mankind has ever seen. However, the technology has moved forward so fast that social standards have not yet caught up. It is hard to hold true to traditions when everything leading up to those traditions has been removed.


Back to the Grind

Last week was short during Christmas week. There was slow traffic on both Monday 22 December 2014 and Tuesday 23 December 2014. Christmas Eve was the highlight of my entire five day break since I finally met my God son Elijah. Christmas Day made an all-time classic list, which consists of family unity, gifts, beverages and NBA basketball. It literally was one big family party at the McAdoo’s residence. So now I am back to reality and ready to start this week fresh while preparing for the New Year.



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