AmeriCorps This Week #8

ANCService with a Smile

So there was a company that was having a hiring event this week at the Smithfield Career Center. They were interviewing for multiple positions in the area, and our center was very busy with the event. There was an incredible number of applicants diligently preparing for their interviews. I was able to help a number of customers get to the interview process, and I hope that every single one of them get the position they were seeking. I helped tailor resumes, gave some interviewing tips and helped them with the application website. At the end of the day, an elderly man I had been working with for the past two days went through the interview process and he was very grateful. It was nice; I have only known him for two days but I had never seen him with such a big smile on his face.


The sweet smile that comes with success…

I often wonder just how many people we are able to assist get jobs.  In Smithfield, we often see familiar faces for days and even weeks at a time, then poof, they are gone.  Sadly, there are not enough hours in the day to call and checkup with them.  However, this past week I was fortunate enough to say good bye to a familiar face.  After several weeks of helping Mr. S navigate the scary world of unemployment I was thrilled to be told that he got a new job with benefits!!  As he left our office for the last time he turned around to say ‘Thank you’ for what seemed liked the millionth time since we meet, this time when he said it, it was different.  His smile was so bright I wished I had sunglasses.  There is nothing sweeter than the smile that comes with success.



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