AmeriCorps This Week #23



I have expressed how delightfully random my outreach experiences can be and how they are a great change of pace from routine tasks performed in the office. However, even some of the outreaches can feel routine from time to time. For example, I’ll work with some people beef up their resumes, I’ll explain parts of an online job application to them, refer them to different community resources when I see there is a need, and other things such as giving people a tutorial on the NCWorks website. This week, I was able to change the routine a little bit and attend one of my other team member’s outreach with Job Start. Job Start is a program which offers moral support for inmates transitioning from the Raleigh’s Women’s Correctional Center. Some of the ways Job Start supports its attendees are through providing life skills, social skills, computer skills, and of course job hunting and interviewing skills. Overall, these programs are meant to boost their self-confidence. I believe the workshop our team gave was very beneficial not just for the attendees, but for other AmeriCorps members like me. I’ll try incorporating some of the methods I observed in the workshop to the workshop I hold at my prison outreach program. I’m really glad I was able to attend this workshop.

On the other hand, just because my outreaches feel routine, I’m not becoming bored with them by any means. My library outreach in Knightdale has been interesting the past couple of weeks. Normally, I work with people around my age and much higher. This week, I had a customer stop by my desk; he is in the 11 grade and he’s looking for a summer job and something to continue when school starts back in the Fall. He had an idea of where he wanted to look for work, but he needed a resume to apply and had no idea how to write one. So, I helped him create his first resume, and he was happy about that. Though, compared to an elderly woman I had helped the week before, it was hard to tell his level of joy at having his first resume. She was so happy she actually left the library laughing. I’ve never seen someone that happy about having a resume, but when someone heads off like that it means they are gaining some confidence in themselves and most of the time that confidence is what’s lacking when I first encounter the people I work with.



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